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Assistance with the web site

Everything should go easily and intuitively on your PC, Mac, iOS or Android computer. Nevertheless, we would like to point to some details and requirements of operating to make sure that everything which can be heard or seen on our website is to your command.

About the pictures

Clicking on a picture opens a magnification. The arrow keys on the keyboard lead to further photos. A click beside the picture closes the magnification.

Film and sound

Pre-condition for playing is an actual internet browser - for example Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Windows Internet Explorer – supporting HTML5 and the “h.264” - format of video and sound. We now also support HTMNL5 and the free format “ogg” from Firefox/Mozilla. You can download the browsers free of charge for PC, Mac, iOS and Android on the websites of,, or Older browsers may cause problems; unfortunately it is impossible to support all available systems.



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