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Meisterwerkstatt für Konzert- und Flamencogitarren

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to the homepage of Brunswicker & Apelt, the Luthiers for concert- and flamenco guitars

We manage our workshop in Frankfurt since 1989 as independent master Luthiers. We planned and did our training in guitar craftsmanship together – this shapes  the concept  of our workshop: aside from the school of our craft master, the famous G.K. Hannabach, we are linked to the Spanish tradition which we learned during many training sessions with Spanish Luthiers.

Our guitar models have been developed in constant communication and exchange of ideas to find our own way to sound design based on the tradition of craftsmanship and our experience.

While our guitars follow the same “blueprints”, each of our instruments is crafted individually; with identical specifications and production procedures, its sound is shaped by the personality of the craftsman.



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