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Guitar support

The guitar support „ergo bella” has been developed by the guitarist Michael Dossow; it is produced exclusively by us.

Because of the given angles and the securing on the lower bout of the guitar, ergo bella can be used without a long and ugly piece between guitar and thigh; it is rather unobtrusive. With its tasteful wooden construction, connected with brass pieces and the reproduction of soundboard, purfling and guitar side (model allegro) or the black design (model andante), ergo bella is a particularly aesthetic solution. Due to the securing at the lower bout, the guitar does adapt to the natural way of sitting. The guitarist is sitting up straight which is not only healthy but also visually appealing.

The guitar plays in a favorable angle and because of the little contact with the upper part of the body the play is less muted and therefore louder. Due to the upright way of holding the instrument, the left wrist is not overbent. Also the problem of how to rest the left under arm on the edge of guitar side and soundboard is solved, as the right under arm lays almost parallel to the soundboard of the guitar. The short distance from thigh to guitar ensures that no “estranged” feeling occurs. Different joints of ergo bella allow body movements while holding the instrument securely. Certain strains on the instrument are avoided by the large area of the section fastened to the guitar body.

The guitar support, taken apart in two pieces, fits into the guitar case.


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