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Octave guitar

Our finely balanced octave guitar brings out its best in ensemble performances. Due to its sustainability of sound and balance it is especially well suited for orchestras of plugged instruments. The soundboard of the instrument is of good seasoned spruce, back and sides are of beautifully flamed maple.
The octave guitar has a scale length of 390 mm, the length of the body amounts to 355 mm.

Tierce guitar

The tierce guitar has a scale length of 570 mm and a length of the body of 450 mm. Both octave- and tierce-guitar have multiple reinforced necks of Cedro and headstocks with a splice joint. The combination of good seasoned spruce with a distinctively flamed maple body is our favorite choice for this guitar as well.
Our 8- and 10-string tierce guitars are meant for guitarists looking for an instrument especially suitable for lute literature.

Bass guitar

The bass guitar can be constructed as 4-stringed or 6-stringed bass. The length scale amounts to 750 mm; the length of the body is 550 mm. The Cedro neck is lavishly reinforced; the headstock has a hidden dovetail and rear mounted single tuners.
As amplifier system we recommend a transducer from “Schatten Design” for classical guitars. As it has no piezo inlay, this system does not interfere with the acoustic function of the bridge.
We offer this instrument with both spruce- or cedar-top and a very good Indian rosewood body. Other combinations of wood are possible, too.



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